Top 10 Hilarious Twitter Reactions on 500-1000 Currency Ban


Twitter Reactions

Immediately after hearing the bold decision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, social media warriors started their game with hilarious tweets.

Currently Rs 17,54,000 crore worth of Indian notes are in circulation according to the RBI’s recent release on our economy.

Out of which Rs 500 notes constitutes almost 45% of the currency circulation while 39% of the notes were of the Rs 1,000 denomination.

However in terms of volume count, Rs 10 and Rs 100 notes constitutes to about 53% of the notes in circulation.

This measure would mean that from midnight, almost Rs 6,32,600 crore in circulation in the form of Rs 1,000 notes would be termed illegal. To replace them, Rs 2,000 notes would be introduced, which according to the government would be limited in circulation.

We have listed down a couple of such tweets. Enjoy ! 🙂
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It is a masterstroke by Narendra Modi and it’s success highly depends on it’s implementation. I appeal everyone to contribute for it.
I don’t mind my wallet getting fatter, as the wallets of corrupt politicians and businessmen are getting lighter! #byebyeblackmoney

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