Twenty19 – Internships and lot more!


Internships and lot more!

A brave attempt in the Digital era by Karthikeyan Vijayakumar was to launch in 2010, through which the team provides a significant platform to the students to be aware of internships and much more.

College is a  place to explore life beyond academics. Many a times, there is no direction or indication that paves way to what is desired by the students.
benefit of internship
Twenty19 announces internships, symposiums and workshops for the most trending courses and competitions. From studentsfocus, we felt that the coverage is massive and commendable.
The segmentation is through courses, city/location, college events- Workshops/symposiums. 
What was the most appealing factor? The on-line courses which is highly the need of the hour.
In fact, IIT’s and the Ministry of Education is reconsidering to give course credits to on-line courses of late.
The students are finding commutation convenience and receive one on one attention mostly. This ensures Qualitative learning.
The students who are and who will be a part of the events are mentioned in the scroll message of the site. This induces healthy participation.
Few Courses that we thought to mention are:


  1. Entrepreneurship
  2. Matlab
  3. Robotics for beginners
  4. Communication Skills
  5. Android for beginners and a lot more!

Kudos to Twenty19 team and awaiting much more in your store! 


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