Very old Title – Tips for public speaking- – But the tips are tailored :)


As the title said, the tips are tailored to meet the current and happening fear patterns. Observing these patterns in a majority of people, the article is segmented into five, from identification to recovery of your strength!

1. Fear Patterns- frequently seen these days
2. Acquiring regular conversation strategies
3. Essential warm ups for speech and do’s
4. Framework to prepare a speech
5. Method for self-evaluation
Now we meet our new and trending fear patterns and symptoms in public speaking
1. Fear of being the next to speak 
This is total fun. Rather than concentrating on what you have to speak, or listening sincerely, you are panicked that you are the next to speak. Where does your energy go? DIRECTIONLESS!
Winning over:
Actually, when you listen to people, it is a natural warm up of words and articulation to your brain. Instead of panicking, you can listen without inhibitions to the speaker. Your speech will turn out much better than your expectation.
2. Fear of setting the objective to speak

You might wonder. This is not a fear but just some random thoughts that doesn’t allow me to set an objective. Fear is a feeling that originates due to a particular reason.
When we analyzed it was due to listening to the other person that you could not set an objective.
Now I see that you refer to the earlier point where we said you should listen to the other person and it is a warm up.
So I will narrow down on how to listen to help you speak better.

  • Listen with full concentration- Concentrate only on the words
  • Listen without personal bias – without the feel of like and dislike
  • Listen without being judgmental- of course, you are not going give away an award for best speech that day

StudentsFocus gladly requests you to use these suggestions and leave your feedback after an honest trial.


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