What is Spoken English?


Spoken English and different types of English classes

Spoken English is seen as an all in one English tool and the candidates/ students are given an assurance that they can speak fluent English in one month. Sadly this is an over statement.
To learn a language involves quite lot of nuances. Then, estimating the difficulties, analyzing the communication pattern and planning for rectification strategies will take a minimum of 60 days.

Just saying a Hi and Hello.. and using fancy words is not English. It is used as a mode communication, which means, the purpose is to convey complete meaning without allowing misinterpretation.

With this article I want to emphasize on the facts that a learner should analyse before opting for a Spoken English course.

Spoken English is not Business English, Corporate communication, presentation technique, group discussion nor interview skills. Spoken English is meant to develop only the basic fluency and communication pattern is stabilized.

Spoken English aims at bringing a professionally acceptable standard of English.

Most of the audience expect Public speaking in Spoken English and that is impossible to be catered without strengthening the fundamentals of the language.
For the sake of business and to rise the institutions’ presence I have witnessed wrong counselling methods.


not equal to, SPOKEN ENGLISH





Public speaking is for pre-determined audience and requires mastering articulation strategies
Business English concentrates on every day English in any official atmosphere from mails to meetings
Presentation technique is setting the context and delivering with high focus
Corporate communication is situation based and completely focussed on the result of the speech. It is highly measurable.

We at StudentsFocus think that anybody in need of a Spoken English class should be clear on their need and intention of learning. That can help them to decide the right training required.
Signing off!
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